Back home from Gothenburg and Brussels!

Back home again

After travelling to Gothenburg on the 18th, staying there till the 20th and then moving on to Brussels, I’m now home again. And it feels great!

My experience with the workshop and my visit to Belgium was awesome (bar a few hiccups). One of those hiccups was that I missed my flight. Due to a misunderstanding, my plane was booked at 6 AM, not PM. This meant I had to book a hotel room at the airport at around 6 PM, then take a flight leaving at 6 AM, so I stayed for less than 12 hours. It was a four-star hotel and cost 160€. However, I did order room service, and the food was great!

Sorry for the blur, but it was the only image I had. Or well, I had two. But they were equally blurry.

Another issue was that I was too tired to participate much. I basically joined the rest of the group for an hour or two at lectures, then I slept or rested in my hotel room for the rest of the time. The cause for this fatigue is unknown. It could be the heat, or my depression. A close relative got diagnosed with cancer a couple of weeks ago, right before my trips, which definitely affected me a lot. I did learn a few key points and I feel that I can extrapolate upon what I did learn and continue from there.

As usual, I’m still reeling from the exhaustion caused by these trips. I’ve felt quite ill since I came home, a lot more so than usual, and it’s not over yet. I feel that I’ve run out of energy; I feel completely drained.

Getting a moped!

Anyway, I’m home again, I have some interesting things happening in the future. I’ve felt quite restrained when it comes to my photography, since I don’t have a car or a driver’s license I can’t go very far. As such, I’ve ordered an electric moped/bike. It looks more like a bike, but it’s not an electric bike. It seems like there’s been a sort of wild west when it comes to these electric bikes until very recently. Bikes that could easily reach 50 km/h and beyond have been sold as bikes for a while. It just defies all logic, considering the laws governing mopeds in general. To drive a moped at speeds up to 45 km/h, you actually need a license of sorts, and you’re not allowed to use roads meant for pedestrians and cyclists. You have to share the road with cars, regardless if the limit is 80 or km/h or 50.

Today, for a bike with a motor to be classified as an electric bike (and not a moped) it has to follow certain standards. The motor can only be activated when you pedal, it can’t assist at speeds greater than 25 km/h, it has to have a motor with a power output not greater than 250W.

Then there’s the hybrid-kind of mopeds, like the one I’ve ordered. It can’t go faster than 25, have a motor more powerful than 1000W, it has to have pedals (but you don’t have to pedal for the motor to kick in, there is a throttle). One benefit with this type of moped is that you don’t need to have a motorcycle helmet. They argue that since these bikes only weighs around 25 kg, as opposed to the 80 or 90 kg that “regular” mopeds weighs, it’s not necessary to have a motorcycle helmet. A regular helmet is fine. Also, the moped does have to be insured as well.

I know some of you will think I’m a total moron for getting a moped when I’m 30, but it’s perfect for me. I don’t want to go through taking a driver’s license at this time, and I don’t need one to drive a moped. Yes, it’s slow, but it’s OK. I just want a bit more freedom choosing location to take photos. I would use a regular bike, if only I had the energy – but I don’t, so there we go. The bike I’ve ordered is called Rawbike, but it seems to be marketed in Sweden only at this time. Their website is in Spanish or Swedish only.

I’d like to apologize for the very infrequent posts, but I’ve had a lot of stuff to do. I haven’t forgotten about the blog, I promise. Thanks for sticking with me! I’d also thank YCE for being invited to join in Brussels.

(I’ll add pictures from these trips soon. Can’t now, out of energy for today.)


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