Dust settling; insurance pay-out, photography and travelling!

These past couple of months I’ve been living in uncertainty when it comes to my economic future. I can’t work, and won’t be able to in the future, judging by the past. Still, you never know if the insurance company will accept this and pay out – as I mentioned in my previous post.

They did though, both the Swedish Social Insurance Agency as well as my private insurance company. This has been a huge relief! I thought I’d have to fight tooth and nail to get these benefits, but I didn’t. It enables me to do many things. I’ve been lucky in some ways – this being one of them.

I wrote a similar post a couple of weeks ago; what’s changed is that I’ve got solid plans now on where to go and how; I have the camera, I’m taking shots, learning how it all works. I’ll be travelling, a lot. I’ve wanted to do this for more than ten years, but I never got the energy for it – it all went towards my studies. I’m re-building my life right now though, after this depression. I focus on living in the now more, which means travelling and meeting new friends. After going to Lithuania and Romania, as well as now that my depression has improved, I know I can handle it. My biggest issue right now is finding someone to travel with. (I have a companion for the first trip though!) Anyone interested?

I’ve also bought a DSLR-camera; I’ve wanted to learn photography for a long time, but never had the patience to. Now, I need to get out of the house, and photography is the perfect reason to! It’s more relaxed than walking as you’ll stand still taking photos. It gives you something else to focus on too, which means that the time tend to fly by.

One issue I have at the time is a terrible cough I’ve had for two weeks now. I got a cold at first and although the cold and fever is long gone, the cough isn’t. It’s bad enough that it keeps waking me up. I’ve only slept a full night two or three times the past two weeks. I’ve slept five hours per night, and not more than three consecutive hours. I’m most certainly hoping it’ll get better soon so I can travel and go out and take more photos!


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