Important Re: Languages

I usually write posts in English only lately, but sometimes I write in Swedish only. My intent was to write in both Swedish and English on the blog. It created too much overhead though, I no longer think it was fun to blog. I felt that I had to stop writing both in English and Swedish at that time – this is my hobby, not a job. It has to be something I enjoy doing. To make things as good and easy as possible for you, my readers, I’ve added Google Translate to the site directly. I chose to write in English since I may be able to use posts for the blog at Youth Cancer Europe where I’ll blog in the future, but also because most Swedes are able to read English, and if not, there’s always Google Translate. This is a near-global issue and not just in Sweden.

You can see two language options on the right menu, the upper is for the language of the website. If you choose English in the upper menu, under “Language”, you choose which language the website should be in. It should be in English. If it isn’t, if it’s in Swedish for instance, then Google Translate is on. You can then turn off the translation with the menu a bit further below. After doing this, the page should be in English again. If you’re using a cellphone or tablet, an option to translate the site may be missing. You can still choose language though, and it should prompt you, asking if you want the site translated. Click yes/no depending on if you want the site translated or not. If you accidentally click yes, and you can’t switch, clear your browser’s cookies/cache and it should ask you again.

The language is automatically detected looking at your browser’s language settings, however, you can switch language at any time in the menu to the right. If you have any questions, as always, contact the admin at or me directly at – I’m also on Facebook here.

I hope you can understand why I’m making this change, and I hope this is a decent solution at least <3

PS: When writing new posts, I’ll announce this on the other language’s version of the blog so you don’t miss out.