During my travels with YCE I’ve met a lot of people. A lot of survivors (and also some physicians, researchers, and so on) many of which are doing what I’m doing – working to raise awareness and improve the healthcare provided to kids or young adults that have suffered/is suffering, from cancer.

I’ll share links to others who are affected by this affliction and are sharing their experiences, be it by video, audio or text.

Alex Tene’s blog

I met Alex in Lithuania during the very first YCE-event I attended, the Summit during autumn 2017. Like me, he’s also an ambassador for YCE and active within the organisation. Below is his introduction, written by Alex himself. I do suggest you follow the link below and keep an eye on his blog; he’s got a lot of interesting topics to cover!

My name is Alex Tene, (full name – Marius Alexandru Tene), born and raised in Bucharest, Romania – living in Denmark for the last 9 years. I am passionate about film-making and writing and am interested in cancer research or anything related. I hope to soon release (Autumn 2018) my first book entitled, “No one told me I had cancer.”