Going to Gothenburg with Maxa Livet and Romania with YCE/Little People


I’ve yet to announce this yet as I’ve blogged about a few other things, and I’ve been quite tired lately. I have some great news that I wanted to share!

This weekend, 8th to 10th of December I’ll be going to Gothenburg with the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and its pilot project Maxa Livet. We’ll be doing some workshops, focused on helping us getting a job. Obviously, this isn’t of much use for me as I won’t be able to work (Swedish). However, I’ll get to meet other survivors, which is all I really want, bt I can probably learn something from there anyway

Going to Romania

On the 15th to 18th, I’ve been invited to attend a gala, organised by the Little People charity in Romania. Little People was founded by Katie Rizvi and Shajjad Rizvi. I’ve had contact with both of them through Youth Cancer Europe, as Shajjad founded YCE as well, together with someone else, I believe. Not sure right now. Either way, they’re both wonderful people. Some people just want to help, there’s something inside them fueling this desire to do so. Katie and Shajjad, as well as all of the others working at the YCE and Little People have this force within them. It is a true honour for me to be invited to this gala, which has a black tie dress-code, meaning you’ll get to/have to see me all dressed up! We’ll be 300 child cancer survivors on this gala, mostly from Romania, but also a few internationals mainly from the YCE, those who’s been active in the various work groups.

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, and this invitation was so sudden and unexpected – more importantly though, it was exciting. I won’t post the chat here, but I got all giddy of joy. It’s a bit late and I’m tired; I can’t find the adjectives I’m looking for. I was so happy when I was invited, I already decided I’d go. I got some time to think about it, but I didn’t need to!

I’m very grateful YCE, LP, CHCF exists for us survivors. They’ve done so much for me, and so many others, and they keep giving. Those who doubt whether their donations to charities like these have any impact, I’ll say that yes, they do.

I don’t understand any of it, but it looks great 🙂


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