My depression

I’ve gathered all posts here about my depression,, what happened, why it got so bad. It was my depression that prompted me to start this blog and reach out. Partially for myself but also others who feel they can’t reveal this about themselves.

(Some posts are older and not very well-written. I wrote one post per day for a long time, which is probably the reason. I’ve also learned a lot in the past about cancer and prevalence of mental issues in child cancer survivors. I suggest you read the posts in the order presented here, even if they weren’t posted chronologically.)

Part 1 – Describing the turn of events
Part 2 – The hamster wheel that is Swedish Healthcare
Part 3 – Tiresome
Part 4 – Just killing time
Part 5 – The difference between a good doctor and an inept amateur
Part 6 – Troubleshooting and fixing my “insomnia”
Part 7 – Fighting depression in a depressing world
Part  8 – It started with cancer and it never seems to end