Status update – ever so tiny steps in the right direction

Hey all,

I apologise for my inactivity but I’m having a hard time writing anything at this point. My depression is better in many ways; the moped/bike hybrid is up and running and I love it! I get out much more frequently. I’ve also picked up a new hobby: RC cars. I’ve been dedicated my time mostly to that..

So, things are better. Sort of. I feel better, as long as I don’t blog or read too much about cancer. I have to follow what I feel like doing, otherwise I’ll feel like crap. It’s incredibly frustrating. I’m trying to fight it but it’s very hard.

I haven’t really had any progress in terms of psychiatric care, except that I got to meet a psychiatrist a week or so ago.

Although I’m not getting help from them, I am getting help from the county however. My biggest issue is that I’ve run out of steam and I have a very difficult time getting started doing things. I know this will help.

I can’t promise I’ll write as frequently as I have, but I haven’t abandoned the blog


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