The heat…

Summer is coming…

Those that have been reading my blog know that I’m having issues regulating my body temperature. I don’t know if it affects it “physically” by increasing the temperature or if it feels like it does. (There’s a condition called hyperthermia, I don’t know if this would be it though).

Either way, all winter I’ve had my window open. I could/can literally be completely naked as long as it’s above 12-13° C and be perfectly comfortable. I’m only comfortable (wearing only my underwear) as long as it’s below 15-16° C. If I have to put on clothes… Well, keep reading.

When it’s colder outside, around zero, all I need is a shirt (not a jumper, like a T-shirt but with long arms), a cap and a scarf. Basically, as long as my skin is covered with something, I’m fine. Once it goes below zero, I need a jumper. Unless it was colder -5° C, I had to take the jumper off and on because I got to hot.

Now it’s summer and I can’t just open my window to lower the temperature. It’s 25° C in my room. I’m taking ice cubes under my armpits to keep cool. I’m still on the verge on getting a panic attack from this.


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