Update and technical difficulties

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed the site is a bit buggy. It appears to be mostly visual but I apologise for this. I can’t fix it myself for now though, I’m just not fit. I’ll have to deal with it later.

I haven’t written anything in a long time now, and it’s because my depression has taken its toll. I’ve started to repress. Anything related to cancer or anything that I find depressing, is off-limits to me. This is exacerbated by the psychiatric clinic’s inability to… Well, let’s put it this way. I used to have a nurse as a contact. I wanted more help, but I didn’t get any. I no longer have a nurse. In other words, I’m getting literally no help from them now, and haven’t for a couple of months.

I’m worried that, by the time that I do get treatment, I won’t be able to go through it. It’s been two years, 1.5 since I started to push and a bit more than one year since I started to really fight. Fight to get a psychologist. To get help. Not to fight my depression; no, to merely survive until I do get help to fight the depression.

I’m all out of steam now. The only reason I’m still alive is thanks to my nephew.


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